Legion Mixed Martial Arts. Vineland, New Jersey's Premier Self Defense and Fitness training center. Powered by Razors Edge MMA!! We are an official Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts and Daddis Fight Camps affiliate.

Welcome to the home of Legion Mixed Martial Arts!! Vineland, New Jersey Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and Group Fitness and Kids MMA. Classes for all ages and experience levels!!

No experience necessary and absolutely no level of fitness required to start. From novice to advanced and expert levels. We offer classes fundamental, advanced and "all levels" classes throughout the week. Now lets get you started!! Simply enter your name and BEST contact information into the form provided and one of our coaches will contact you by phone to set up your FREE introductory lesson.

Get into great shape while learning the most combat proven self defense systems in a safe, clean and friendly environment. Become part of South Jersey's fastest growing team, Razors Edge MMA!! Legion Mixed Martial Arts is an official Razors Edge MMA and Daddis Fight Camps affiliate school. fully staffed and operated by long time Razors Edge MMA and Daddis Fight camps students, instructors and competitors.


What do we offer?
Conveniently timed classes for everyone. Whether you’re novice, beginner, intermediate, or an advanced student, Legion Mixed Martial Arts in Vineland, NJ has the perfect class for you, and at the perfect time! Our instructors are some of the best, most professional, and experienced you’ll find in New Jersey. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get back in shape, or an active competitor, we have instructors here to improve your game. We offer the absolute best training for all levels, as well as a clean and safe training environment.


What programs are available?

Heavy bag work, pad/mitt work, skipping rope, offensive striking, punch combinations, defense blocking and slipping punches, footwork in addition to excellent cardio and muscular endurance. Boxing classes are great for beginners and seasoned athletes!! Accomplish your health and fitness goals, train at your pace, increase your stamina, decrease bodyfat, develop faster and stronger punches, increase coordination and receive 100% attention with our specialized coaching. Get an intense cardiovascular workout while noticing rapid improvement in technique. All in a fun and friendly environment.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, commonly referred to as BJJ, has proven itself to be one of the most effective martial arts. It uses grappling techniques to perform leverage based joint locks and chokes to incapacitate an opponent. One of the reasons that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has proven itself to be so effective is that its techniques are based on leverage principals and require little strength or athleticism to perform. This makes it possible for a smaller, weaker competitor to defeat a much larger, stronger opponent. Legion Mixed Martial Arts is an official affiliate of Razors Edge MMA, a recognized International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) school.

Submission Wrestling
Submission Wrestling, sometimes referred to as NoGi BJJ, combines techniques from Scholastic Wrestling, Greco Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Catch as Catch Can, Judo and Sambo. It is a great basis for learning the fundamentals of grappling and is a brilliant introduction for people interested in MMA. This class will involve practicing techniques in a non competitive or drilling manner, very similar to our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class. Students learn takedowns, positions, transitions, progression, escapes, reversals and how to apply and defend against joint locks, chokes and other submission holds. The Submission Wrestling Program helps students develop skills that are useful in real self defense situations as well as in the sporting environment. It may be trained in solely or in conjunction with traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. We think that it is important for students to understand both aspects, considering most tournaments offer both Gi and NoGi. If you are interested in a good fitness program or just to be a more complete fighter, the Submission Wrestling program offers a good combination of both.

Conditioning | Group Fitness Classes
Our combat conditioning classes feature a mixture of interval and cross training in order to increase your strength and endurance. At Legion Mixed Martial Arts we integrate functional movements into all of our programming that help you move, perform and feel better in your everyday life. Classes are around one hour in duration begin with a warm-up that involves cardio and dynamic stretching to prepare your body for the workout. We then move into our targeted workout of the day, upper body, lower body, abdominals, core strength or overall cardiovascular conditioning. Workouts vary from day to day to keep you constantly challenged. You can expect to work with a variety of equipment including kettlebells, ropes, dumbbells and your own body weight. The exercises and movements you will perform focus on plyometrics, agility, speed, balance, strength and core work to name a few. No matter your sport or activity of choice, you can be sure that participating in our combat conditioning classes will enhance your performance.

Kids MMA and Fitness
Kid's MMA is a fun class that will promote self-confidence and discipline. The kids are taught the same techniques as the adults in a fun age appropriate environment. There is also testing at different levels that teach them to set goals for themselves and to achieve these goals. Self-defense applications are also covered. Not only will they learn the arts of Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Wrestling they will also learn the history and traditions. The kid’s class covers the beginner adult class curriculum in a more fun and kid friendly environment with a focus on defense and position. Your children will learn how to work together as a team, while developing themselves as individuals. They will build self-esteem and self-discipline while increasing confidence, staying in shape and learning to respect themselves and others.


Where are we located?
Legion Mixed Martial Arts is conveniently located on the corners of Wheat Road and Delsea Drive in the city of Vineland, New Jersey. Dandelion Plaza at 1672 North Delsea drive, unit A10.


What is your Class Schedule?

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Staff and Instructors

Coach Louis Gonzalez
Coach Lou started his Mixed Martial Arts training under Master Brad Daddis at Daddis Fight Camps in 2003. As an active competitor he moved up the ranks fairly quick. He continued his training and eventually began coaching under Professor Dan Bocelli at Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts, a Team Daddis school in Hammonton, NJ. Coach Lou began his training in 1998. As a stand-out High School Wrestler it was only natural that he progressed to Brazilian JiuJitsu, Catch and Submission Wrestling. During his years at Daddis Fight Camps he trained with a variety of world class Grappling, Striking and Mixed Martial Arts athletes. He was very active in local, regional and state wide tournaments such as NAGA, Grapplers Quest and IBJJF. Coach Lou continued his Strength and Conditioning training throughout the years and began helping up-and-coming students prepare for everything from Brazilian JiuJitsu tournaments to Boxing and MMA matches. Coach Lou is the owner and head intructor at Legion Mixed Martial Arts.

*More instructor bio's coming soon!!


Why Join Legion MMA?

As long as you live within 30 miles of Legion Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Center and are a first-time prospective student, you can try out any of our Martial Arts programs for up to 1 full week absolutely FREE with ZERO obligation. If you like what you experience, then we will get you signed up. If you decide to discontinue, no questions asked and no hard feelings. We are 100% sincere about this. We absolutely love what we do, and we have seen countless students achieve lifelong goals in martial arts and fitness.  At Legion Mixed Martial Arts we are fortunate enough to have such great staff, students and programs that our school sells itself. The truth is we’ve had multiple people take advantage of our Free Trial and not sign up, only to return a month or two later. Most schools offer 1 or 2 classes free but we want you to get the full feel for our school before you make a decision, experience a variety of classes, work with different instructors, meet students and make friends. That's why we offer an entire week. So what do you have to lose? Even if you never intend on stepping into the cage or competing in a tournament, you can learn all the amazing techniques that you see in the UFC in a safe environment and without getting beat up. At Legion Mixed Martial Arts, we offer up to a 45 day beginner curriculum. We will help you step by step. Please believe us when we say that your age, size, gender and athletic ability do not matter one bit.  Set up your free introductory lesson with one of our instructors. You will get to tour the facility, meet our friendly staff, and get an in depth breakdown of every program we offer. We look forward to meeting you!


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